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Starboard Partners is a leading financial advisory and special situations investment firm.


We deliver sophisticated restructuring and financing solutions in complex situations through a deep analytic capability and a truly collaborative approach.


Our team is comprised of 37 professionals with significant experience in financial restructuring, turnarounds, and alternative investments. Since 2013, we have provided support across 32 cases to companies in diverse sectors and varying types of complexity, with around R$ 100 billion of capital structure restructured. In these cases, we attracted more than R$ 12 billion in new resources as catalysts for definitive solutions, focused on the preservation and creation of value for the company and its stakeholders.



New Money  


Through the funds managed by Starboard and our strong relationships with solid institutions in the financial sector, we structure sophisticated solutions for new capital (debt, hybrid, and equity).


Our objective is to provide access to long-term financial resources as a catalyst for definitive solutions to companies with sound business fundamentals but unbalanced capital structures or corporate carve-out of good businesses. In this way, the companies will be able to improve their position in the market and generate value for their stakeholders.


The employed financial instruments are the following:


  • Funding of new asset-backed ventures and/or business in special situations but with great potential.

  • Direct equity investment (equity/hybrid), new debt, or acquisition of debt in the secondary market to catalyze a restructuring or a comprehensive recapitalization of the companies’ capital structure.

  • New capital and refinancing of companies in judicial reorganization through DIP (debtor in possession) structures, loans, and structured debt issuance via the capital markets.



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São Paulo

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3311 - 1 Andar

São Paulo - SP | 04538-133 - Brazil

+55 11 3077-5300

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